The Fifth Avenue Center staff works with various treatment techniques including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and systems modalities. A team of licensed clinicians evaluates new patients and matches each patient to a therapist who is trained to address that individual's presenting issues. The goal is to shape a treatment plan that will effectively alleviate the distress experienced by the individual, couple or family.

Most patients request individual psychotherapy. Once treatment begins, sessions are 45 minutes in length and usually occur once per week. These meetings are conducted by trained clinical social workers, psychologists and mental health counselors. Patients who require or request medication meet with one of four board-certified psychiatrists for further evaluation. If medication is indicated, patients usually meet with their psychiatrist once per month for ongoing evaluation and prescription renewals.

Sometimes a couple needs to address problems together in an impartial atmosphere. Should partners wish to participate in treatment together, clinicians trained in couples counseling will evaluate them - as individuals and as a unit - to determine appropriate care. Various dyadic approaches are employed to assist couples with conflict resolution, communication skills and other interpersonal problems. Couples sessions are 60 minutes in length.

Particularly when a child is identified as the patient, there are times when all members of the family need to address issues together. Family counseling looks at the entire dynamic of the family unit and addresses the need of all members through a systems approach. Child and family therapists on staff work with families to improve communication and develop better parenting skills and better identify roles for all family members. Families meet for 60 minutes.

For patients interested in group therapy, the Center runs a variety of groups that focus on, among others, Meditation and Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management and Women’s Issues. Group sessions last 60 minutes and meet weekly.